Michael Quellcomposer

May 4th 2019 Fulda, Vonderau Museum

Copmposers Portrait and CD release:

for flute, oboe, violin, viola and violoncello (1988/90)

Dark Matter
for trio d'anches (2011)

Meister Eckhart und Suhrawardi – der Klang der Schwinge des Gabriel: hikmat al ishraq
for four microtonal guitars and piano (2017)

Lecture: Wolfgang Rüdiger
and presentation of the new NEOS-Portrait CD

for flute, double bass and piano (2017)

A Blurring Cloud – Geschöpfe der Fahrt
for violin, guitar and piano (2012)

String II - Graviton
for ensemble in nonet formation (2015/16)
(flute, two clarinets / bass clarinets, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, violoncello and double bass)

Ensemble Aventure:
Natascha Maric, flutes; Alexander Ott, oboe; Andrea Nagy, Nicola Miorada and Walter Ifrim, clarinet, bass clarinet; Wolfgang Rüdiger, bassoon; Delphine Gauthier-Guiche, horn; Friedemann Treiber, violin; Sylvie Altenburger, viola; Beverley Ellis, violoncello; Johannes Nied, double bass and Akiko Okabe, piano
Guests: Christine Simolka, soprano; Jürgen Ruck, Raphael Ophaus, Moritz Beck and Martin Dressler, guitars; Eduard Hausauer, piano assistant and Hermann Beyer, conductor.

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